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We started Maripoll as an outlet for the artists within ourselves and within our city.  We hold little interest in playing things aesthetically safe and have been focusing our energy on helping fellow creatives spread what inspires them within the world of fashion and artistic development.  Working within the parameters of our own identity, catering to outside the box individuals, and aligning ourselves with the less traditional but stylish side of fashion.  We welcome you to join Maripoll in your journey of self discovery and individuality.

Style isn't important. Life is important. Self expression is important. That what makes style important to us: the freedom to self-express.


That's why we created Maripoll, to cater to those not having that place to go. That place to find themselves and acquire those pieces that make them feel nothing less of perfectly themselves and amazing when they walk out of the house. Maripoll is that creative spot for us and we hope others as well as time moves forward. We look forward to our journey together.

With Love,

- everyone at MARIPOLL